The only system you need to run a
thriving patient-centric practice

At last, all the information in one place to manage your practice with ease and efficiency.

Everything you need
to run your practice efficienttly


SOAP Notes

Progress Notes


Live Tracking

Tele Practice

Spend less time charting and
more time doing what you love


More Revenue

Total insight customers historically
average double-digit revenue
growth their first year


More Efficient

users document 30% faster than
other solutions with our flexible,
customizable documentation


Faster Conversion

Get paid fuller, faster with less
work using our industry leading
billing software tools

Why metanoa?


Work seems reduntant

If you want a software that is simple and reduces the time and energy
you spend doing day-to-day tasks within your practice, we are the right
software for you


You want to be electronic

Metanoa is a fully electronic medical record. We are ideal for people
who are tired of paper and want it all in one place. We are also ideal for
people who want a very simple, easy to use EMR


Ready to try something new

With unlimited support at no extra cost, we are dedicated to helping you
feel comfortable with our software

How we're different?

Stay Compliant

Metanoa is fully HIPAA compliant. With our software, you'll stay compliant while reducing errors and improving reimbursements

Save Time

Spend less time writing evaluations and keep consistent documentation. Create a simple, paper free formating across your clinic

Take Anywhere

Our software is entirely web based, which means you can access your notes, documents, schedule and bills anywhere, anytime

Ready to get started?


Metanoa Pvt. Ltd,
KSIDC Business incubation centre, GEO Infopark,
Infopark Campus, Infopark Expy, Near South Gate,
Kakkanad, Kerala, 682030

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+91 96560 58582

+91 9495 23 2929